由布川渓谷 by Nobuhiko Tanaka
Anonymous said: so basically, i've been mad for a very long period of time, and i can't find a solution and i'm doubting one even exists. i feel like i pay for everybody's mistakes. their asininity, their vapidity, everyone's holding me back. and whenever i attempt to change someone, or to make them think deeper, i feel worse and worse because they just reject it. i try to make a game out of it, to find motivation within the friction, but it's a waste of energy. everything i say falls on deaf ears.


Disregard fears of disapproval and focus on directness and persistence, as well as structuring a lifestyle around your own personal vitality.  Best intentions aside, you cannot empower others if you do not first empower yourself, and you cannot empower yourself if you continue to degenerate in assumed responsibility to those taking advantage of you.

Overextending yourself to those who don’t match you in your will and awareness is akin to lying down in a pool of piranha.  Depending on who you devote effort and attention toward, will decide the burdens you take as your own, a rope you tie to yourself.  You have to ration your empathy constructively.


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